The various tickets available for FAB10Barcelona are listed in the table below.

Barcelona maker All access Affiliated Symposium and fab festival
Fab Festival
Symposium entry
Access to all workshops
Participation in all activities exhibitions etc
Lunch and coffee breaks *
Who is eligible? Limited to 100 makers who LIVE in Barcelona Everyone People affiliated with the Fab Lab network... More details Everyone
Early-Bird Price €150 €500 €350
Price €750 €150! €750 €500 €100

* Complimentary food and drink will be provided at the FAB10Barcelona Main Venue.

Refund Policy: If you cannot come to FAB10, provided that you notify us before June 18th 2014 we can refund you 90% of the fee (10% administrative costs).

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We are looking for a great team of volunteers to help with the preparations.

In return for your assistance, we can provide you with free accommodation in Barcelona during the time that you work leading up to the conference. We expect that this will last 1-2 weeks.

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Affiliation Discount

To qualify for the special €350 ticket we need to know that you are affiliated with a Fab Lab. You will currently qualify if you are an employee at a Fab Lab.

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